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MSU Global Tech Experience: A New Way to Learn and Connect

What is the MSU Global Tech Experience?

The MSU Global Tech Experience is a virtual internship program that Michigan State University launched in May 2023. Students can earn six credits through the program while developing technical and intercultural skills by working on real-world projects from companies like Airbnb, Netflix, and Spotify. The program is facilitated by Podium Education, a vendor that partners with universities to offer online courses in high-demand fields.

How does the MSU Global Tech Experience work?

The MSU Global Tech Experience consists of three main components:

  • Video lessons: Students watch weekly videos on Global Tech HQ, a Canvas site. The lessons are taught by professionals who have worked at companies like Zillow, Intel, and Google. Students can learn data analytics, social media, communications, or other skills depending on which track they choose.
  • LiveLab: Students attend LiveLab twice a week, working with teammates from across the globe to solve problems for actual companies like Airbnb, Spotify, and Starbucks. They use the skills learned from the video lessons to analyze data, create content, or design solutions.
  • Milestone projects: Students work on milestone projects on their schedule, culminating in a portfolio they can present to interviewers to prove their knowledge and abilities. They also receive skill badges for LinkedIn to help them stand out to recruiters.

What are the benefits of the MSU Global Tech Experience?

The MSU Global Tech Experience offers several benefits for students who want to gain practical experience and expand their network. Some of the benefits are:

  • Flexibility: The program is entirely online and can be completed from anywhere in the world. Students can choose their schedule and pace if they meet the deadlines and attend the LiveLab sessions.
  • Diversity: The program allows students to work with peers from 38 countries worldwide, exposing them to different cultures, perspectives, and ideas. Students can also interact with top industry experts and mentors who can provide feedback and guidance.
  • Relevance: The program teaches students skills in high demand in the job market, such as data analysis, social media, and communication. Students can apply these skills to real-world scenarios and challenges faced by leading companies in various sectors.
  • Recognition: The program allows students to earn credits and credentials that can boost their academic and professional profile. Students can also showcase their work and achievements in their resume, portfolio, and LinkedIn profile.

How can students apply for the MSU Global Tech Experience?

The MSU Global Tech Experience is open to all undergraduate students at MSU who have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and have completed at least one semester of college. The program costs $1,800, covering tuition, fees, and access to the online platform and resources. Students can apply for the program through the MSU Global Tech Experience website, where they can choose their preferred track and start date. The program runs for 12 weeks and has multiple cohorts throughout the year. The application deadline for the Fall 2023 cohort is September 30, 2023.


The MSU Global Tech Experience is a new and innovative way for MSU students to learn and connect with the global tech community. The program allows students to work on real-world projects from leading companies, develop in-demand skills, and network with peers and experts from different countries. The program is flexible, diverse, relevant, and recognized, and can help students prepare for their future careers. Students who are interested in the program can apply online before the deadline and join the MSU Global Tech Experience.

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